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EkoFunnel to keep sewers clean in Sandviken

Energy and water company Sandviken Energi is handing out EkoFunnels to the locals in the Swedish city of Sandviken in an effort to keep used cooking oil away from the drains.

The company has done a great job in communicating through media; local newspapers have published articles as well as clear and instructive video clips on the web. The EkoFunnels are available for people to pick up at the company’s head offices. A lot of people come by to fetch their EkoFunnel and the information is reaching the locals who seem to be up for a behavioural change. Johanna Blavier, information officer at Sandviken Energy, jokingly calls the EkoFunnel the company’s “best co-worker” and explains that they yearly spend around half a million Swedish crowns (ca 50 000 Euro) in maintainance and insurance matters for blocked sewers.

Check these articles (translated with Google translator):

Fettratt ska hålla rören rena (The funnel that will keep pipes clean) / Gävle Dagblad
Tratten som ska stoppa råttorna (The funnel that will stop the rats) / Arbetarbladet

Water companies and supermarkets team up to spare drains from blockages this Christmas

Supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have teamed up with water companies nationwide, in a campaign aimed at sparing the drains from grease and oils this festive season. Christmas season is always problematic and used cooking oil from traditional meals often end up being poured down the drains, causing a lot of damage. This year, Sainsbury´s and Waitrose partnered up with national water companies and handed out EkoFunnels to all customers preordering a turkey. As Richard Flint, Yorkshire Water chief executive officer, expressed it: “We’re asking people to put our sewers on a low fat diet and think before they dispose of fat, oil and grease down the sink or through the dishwasher.”

Check the whole story in the press: