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  2. Oxelösund takes a step to less blockages

    Oxelö Energi, a municipal energy and water company in Swedish coastal city Oxelösund, is doing a drive with EkoFunnels to raise awareness around FOG (fats…

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  3. Opportunity

    Making sure that the collection of used cooking oil (UCO) is easy for households, there is a lot of potential in increasing collection volumes. The…

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  4. Problem

    Due to a number of factors, like lower water temperatures, less turbulence in the pipes and chemical reactions, fats oil and grease (FOG) hardens when…

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  5. EkoFunnel to keep sewers clean in Sandviken

    Energy and water company Sandviken Energi is handing out EkoFunnels to the locals in the Swedish city of Sandviken in an effort to keep used…

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  6. Knivsta kommun, Sweden

    The Swedish municipality of Knivsta implemented collection of used cooking oil in 2013. The locals are given the opportunity to pick up EkoFunnels at the…

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  7. Värnamo, Sweden

    A housing company (Finnvedsbostäder) in the Swedish city of Värnamo was tired of having to clear expensive blockages and started a campaign to promote behavioral…

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  8. The Big Lemon, UK

    The Big Lemon is a Community Interest Company that makes bus travel fun, friendly, affordable and sustainable. They run Public Bus Services and a Waste…

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  9. Yorkshire Water,UK

    Yorkshire Water (English water and waste water company) is well aware of the problems that households can cause when throwing the wrong things down their…

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  10. Information material

    Brochure A5 Brochure with text and clear pictures that describe how used cooking oil should be disposed and taken care of. The brochure is a…

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