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  1. EkoContainer

    Collection of UCO – Keeping simplicity and security in mind                         The collection of…

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  2. Frituurvet, recycle het! The Netherlands

    The Product Board for Margarine, Fats and Oils (MVO in Dutch) serves the common interests in the production chain of oils and fats in the…

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  3. Västerås, Sweden

    In the Swedish city of Västerås, regional public companies for energy, water and waste cooperate with a real estate company in order to reduce blockages…

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  4. AzzeroCO2, Italy

    AzzeroCO2 is an Italian Energy Service Company focused on the promotion of renewable energy sources.  AzzeroCO2 is currently using the Ekofunnel in two of its…

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  5. EkoFunnel

    A simple solution for the recycling of used cooking oil at home The EkoFunnel is a tool that gives households a simple way of recycling…

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  6. Products

    All products can be custom made with your designs. Depending on your target group, the elements you choose for your campaign will vary. We would…

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  7. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, UK

    For the festive season 2014, British supermarkets Sainsburys and Waitrose, together with water companies nationwide took an initiative to spare the sewer systems from blockages…

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