A simple solution for the recycling of used cooking oil at home

The EkoFunnel is a tool that gives households a simple way of recycling used cooking oil. The EkoFunnel is screwed onto a PET-bottle and closes with a lid. The bottle screw-cap is attached inside the funnel-lid, in order to be able to close the bottle again ones it is full. Used cooking oil is then poured into the EkoFunnel on the inside of the funnel-lid. Used cooking oil is then poured through the funnel into the bottle, after closing the funnel-lid, you can store the bottle with your other recycling. The lid prevents unpleasant smells and leakage of used cooking oil.

Once the bottle is full, the used cooking oil is recycled according to the guidelines in place in your region. The EkoFunnel is then placed on the next PET-bottle for continued recycling. On the funnel-lid, a sticker with a sponsor logo and a short message can be placed.